17 Jan 2022

An intensive time of growth for PROPCO

Time to wrap up 2021 and say a few words about our future plans.

In 2021 we established cooperation with a large Hungarian investor and other entities interested in our offer. We conducted preparatory work for the start of construction of facilities in Sosnowiec and Kobierzyce for a manufacturer of plastic products. We have also established cooperation with a leading last mile supplier – DPD Polska – with regard to the construction of several facilities in Lower Silesia.

The year 2022 has started equally intensively for us:

  • We are in intensive talks with DPD Polska regarding the construction of another 5 projects
  • We negotiate the conditions of cooperation with Inpost
  • We are preparing to launch other projects for which we are finalising the purchase of land
  • In our plans for this year we are finalizing contracts and acquiring new investors
  • Purchase of land for subsequent projects through bridge financing
  • Commencement of construction of 2 facilities in Sosnowiec and Kobierzyce for a plastic products manufacturer
  • Commencement and completion of construction of the first facility for DPD Polska
  • Commercialization of the facility in Bytom

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